The Battle of the Stitches crochet competition for designers is held every Calendar quarter

Crafting Friends Designs hosts the Battle of the Stitches Crochet Challenge.  A friendly competition for crochet designers bringing the best to handmade crafts!

The Battle of the Stitches Crochet Competition for Designers
The Question
Could 10-12 Designers come up with very different designs using the same stitch and Theme to create  Battle of the Stitches crochet pattern eBooks?

The Challenge: Each designer is asked to create something fun using a specific crochet stitch  as the focus for their design (other stitches may be used, but the challenge stitch needs to be dominant).  A Theme is also given to focus their design around. 

The Battle:  2-3 weeks - you heard right - only a few  weeks tocome up with an eye-catching

                      unique design -using the same stitch as the  others. Photos are turned infor

                      judging  AND...each design will be published in a special eBook shortly after

                      the winners  are announced!  So be sure to watch for  that the first week of the

                      month following  each challenge. This is an amazing  opportunity for our fans

                      to get  the collection of designs for 1 great price! 


Judges Choice:4-5 Judgeswill decide WHO will win the battle. 

                    Who  has the mostcreative design?  Who shows the stitch the

                    best?  Who - is exactly the question they are asking!  The judges

                    do not know who designed each project.  All photos

                       are generic (no logos added) to keep it very focused on the

                    design only. 

Fan's Choice - We love our fans and want to include you as much as possible! 

We now have a "Fan's Choice" winner.  You will see the same photos that the judges

have and be able to vote for your favorite design too. 

Games and Prizes: We want you to get to know the talent behind the business name. 

Hang around and play some games with us for your chance to win some prizes too.

The result - handmade crafts of love from a friendly competition for Crochet Designers. 

The Battle of the Stitches was founded by Crafting Friends Designs. March 2014

The Question was asked...

The Contestants selected...

Their hooks have been drawn...

The Challenge Accepted!!!

Welcome to the Battle of the Stitches!